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How a prostitute changed my life.

Mª Teresa Sanchís – Student of English

A few years ago I started my training to become a teacher. I studied to pass the public exams with the sole purpose of becoming a teacher at a public high school of professional training.

Those days I decided to join an association which helps immigrants to integrate in our society. This charity gives not only legal and psychological support to immigrants, but also food, accommodation and shelter. So I began to teach Spanish, as a voluntary collaboration, to immigrant women.

It was at that time that I met a prostitute, whose name I prefer to protect and keep secret, who had run away from a prostitution mafia which had caught her.

She was a Moroccan girl, aged 16, who had come to Spain because she wanted to be a model. Then she was deceived by a mafia and forced into prostitution in night clubs.

Open handcuffsFortunately, she was able to run away from her captors and asked social services for help. That was when she contacted the charity I belong to and started to live in the flat that the charity has as a women’s refuge, and eventually I met her.

We started our Spanish lessons, once or twice per week. Step by step she unburdened her heart and plucked up the courage to tell me her  whole story. While listening to her, I was getting more and more upset and moved.

I tried to help her and I got involved in her life more than other colleagues advise me to do, but her story had touched me so deeply that I could not do anything but getting involved.

Months later, it came as a great disappointment when she disappeared without saying anything to anybody in the charity.

Although I have never heard from her again, she changed my life and the way I understand the things that happen to me. Even more, with other colleagues, we are trying to found an NGO which will help women suffering from social exclusion, marginalization or prostitution.

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