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Valentines, valentines…

NI1  English Students

Valentine’s Day

San Valentine’s Day is red
but I miss you in my bed.
I would like to kiss you
but I only miss you.

I want to be clever
and stay with you forever,
and I’ll wear my glove
not to get burnt with your love.

I can’t wait too late
to see you in our date.
My heart is beating
and my eyes are shinning.


Valentine’s Rhyme

Your eyes
Dwelling places
Of loves denied
Act in grace.

My heart
Touched by your look.
Like a fast dart
I’ll follow you
As your star.

You’ll be mine
Up to the end
Of times.


The night is dark,
The sky is blue.
Beats my heart
When I love you.


Valentine’s Day

Oh, Saint Valentine, your day has come,
oh, my sweet love,your day has come,
sweets and gifts will fill your day,
but my love will fill your life.


To my love…

When you look at me,
My heart beats.
When you kiss me,
My body trembles.
When you smile at me,
I’m the happiest woman.
My love, do you want to marry me?


Valentine rhyme

My beautiful garden
of flowers is full;
but there isn’t one:
that flower is you.


The poem

I like your smile
because when you are happy
I don’t mind the time.
Even if the sky is grey
if I am with you
all is fine.
Laughing, singing, dancing
all of these remind me of you.
What can I do?


I feel stupid like a pink Cupid,
because on this day
I remember our first date.
I miss your kiss,
with your red lips.

Alba G

My love

My love is light,
but it also shines.
Because I feel the sun,
when I know you come.
If you’re with me,
a lot of good things I can feel.
please be here,
I need you near.
I don’t know why,
without you I’m not “I”.
The world is fun
when I know you come.
The world is ugly
it also seems angry,
if my life doesn’t have your candy.
Please be here,
I need you near.


My love is amazing
my love is big
if I were with you
I’d give you a kiss
My life is boring
my life is sad but
when I am with you
I become mad
My heart beats
when you are with me
please come back soon and
I will give you the moon.


Valentine rhyme

My darling, my lover, my beautiful wife,
Marrying you was my best act in my life.
Kind, intelligent, loving and hot;
This describes everything you have: a lot.





NI2 English Students

St. Valentine’s Rhyme

Open song
shining words
beautiful face
looking at mine
Open mind
nice eyes
can be seen
where love is
Open heart
jingle bells
sunny start
Valentine’s day.


My heart is writing for you
My heart is speaking for your love
My heart’s singing for your voice
My heart’s beating for your song
You’re always in my heart!
You’re always in my mind!
I’m the best you could find!
I will be always in your life!

Ana U.


I love you because you make me laugh
Even if I am sad
Every time you touch my skin
I feel like in a dream
When you kiss me at night
Everything is  alright
Making love to you is delighting
Although at the end I feel exhausted
Close to you my days are clear
And darkness disappears
Despite the distance
I’ll always be with you
At least for an instant
I love you, my little bear
Even if the world is unfair


My soul’s dark night

In my soul’s dark night
a light just appeared
That brings strength to my wings
and to my whole life…and that is you.
You opened the hope to a fulfilled illusion world
Illusions finally renewed in this my little heart,
heart that has been rescued from the deepest despair,
despair caused by the ungrateful love.
But in the end I have found the bonfire
where the flames can heat but do not burn
where darkness doesn’t exist because
their clarity fills up everything
And as the stars light the sky up
The immensity of your look lights my path up.
Because in my life’s dark night a light has appeared.
Because in my soul’s dark night you have appeared.


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