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It was almost midnight when we heard a noise at the door. The door was opened slowly and with a squeaky sound. Everybody stared at the door.

The Caretaker was there and he said:

-”What are you doing here?”

the teacher (Mapi) replied:

-”We are in our English class!”

and the Caretaker said:

-”It´s midnight, Why are you still here?”

Everybody watched their watches and surprisingly we realised that he was right. What was happening?

In this moment we also realised that the weather had changed. During the day the weather was fine and sunny and now the temperature had decreased and there was an incredible thunderstorm and everybody felt a terrible headache.

The most amazing of this story is:

We had travelled forward in time and not just 2 hours but until 2018.

(José Raúl Hernández Navalón, Francisco Navarro Cutillas y Jesús Fernández González – Aulario de Villena)

(About mistery, weather and health)

It was almost midnight when we realised that we were lost in the middle of the forest. There wasn’t anything around us, only trees and more trees. Suddenly, a flash of lighting and a clap of thunder announced the storm, and the wind began to blow strongly. Our lantern went out and mysteriously, Deborah, who was a wrinkled white-faced woman, appeared behind us. She was in her late eighties and she looked like a witch, but we relied on her.

Although she led us to her cottage, soon after she made us do the housework. After some hours cleaning, we started to feel ill and have respiratory problems.

(Martina Hernández Gandía, Irene Aragoneses Lorite, Irene Domene García and José Escrivá Rogla – Aulario de Villena)

It was almost midnight when we were watching tv and suddenly the light went off. All of us thought there was a thief around the house. Jane hid into the wardrobe, because she was afraid, while Micke and I went to the cellar to pick up a stick.

After that, we went out and tried to find the strange visitor. Micke had bad luck because he fell over and broke his right leg.

We were looking for the thief but he found us before and quickly he told us that he was studying medicine, so he used the stick to put his leg in a splint.

At least, it was all a mistake. He was a neighbour who needed some salt and then the light was suddenly back again. All of us made something for dinner, although we forgot to put some salt and the dinner was completely tasteless.

(Emma Flor Ritas, Mercedes Ferrándiz Hernández and José Francisco Asensio Azorín – Aulario de Villena)

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