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Alicante-Oxford with the EOI

Cristina Cascales
Student of English at EOI ALICANTE

If I had to describe the journey to Oxford, PERFECT would be the word. Not only because we were on holiday and we were relaxed,but also beacause the people I met, the places I visited, the lessons in the Oxford English Centre etc.

Everything began when the language school (EOI) and Eurobridge organized a journey to Oxford. It was going to be from 19 th of July to the 1st of August. When I first saw the advertisement, I wasn´t very convinced because I had never lived abroad nor shared a house with an English family. It meant a new lifestyle, new habits, a different timetable, everything was new for me. But despite all that, I decided to book the journey and now that I have gone through that experience, I can say I’m so happy about it.

My fears vanished when my housemother picked me up after arriving at the Oxford English Centre. She was a retired social worker who welcomed me warmly and made me feel absolutely comfortable.I shared a house (a nice semi-detached one as usual in Great Britain) with a French group leader and an Italian girl. They were so lovely!

Our day in Oxford started pretty early.About 5:30 a.m there was light and we got prepared to go to school at 9:00 a.m .The lessons were really amusing , besides the teachers and classmates all from different nationalities: German, French, Italian, Polish…

In the afternoon, we had a wide range of activities such playing bingo, excursions…On our first day we visited Oxford, the city of dreaming spires. It´s a magic city with ancient buildings, beautiful churches and colleges. It´s full of museums, theatres as well as good restaurants and pubs where we usually went every night.

We also visited Windsor Castle. Despite waiting in a long queue of tourist, I felt absolutely excited, specially when I got on a huge wheel .What a marvellous views!

Time went by very quickly and we wanted to make the best of it. In fact, one afternoon, some members of the group, decided to go to a place that we were told. It was the Blenheim Palace in the village of Woodstock, thirty minutes by coach from Oxford. This is an example of English Baroque architecture where Sir Winston Churchill ex- prime minister was born.

But unfortunately, the day to come back to Alicante arrived and we were very sad to leave Oxford although excited about meeting our family again.It was an unforgettable journey and our mates were great. Thank you all for the great fun we had!

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