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Online meeting points for foreigners living on the Costa Blanca

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Carolina, Lola, Cristina, Naara and Tere

Highly involved as we are in the never-ending task of teaching and learning English everyday, we mostly use materials in textbooks which do not relate to local news and events happening in the area where we live. Here are some websites that will let you know more about your hometown in English; some of them have a journalistic view while others are meant to help people socialize in a Spanish-speaking community. What we further suggest is that they undoubtedly can serve learning purposes and language use of English with the added value of being real, daily close events happening near us.

From the different websites we came across, we selected the ones that considered worth citing and Costa Blanca News was an obliged reference because of the long time running among us.

Costa Blanca News


Founded in 1971 by Brian Sumner, the Costa Blanca News started life as an English page in the town of Alcoy. Costa Blanca News is available every Friday for just 1.60€ and its name has been changed to Costa News. The online edition would like to be improved apart from the printed edition, which is in tabloid format (A3) with over 170 pages.

There are many English speaking foreigners living in the Costa Blanca area and they are also interested in what happens locally. It is one of the main references for them since it has been published for 35 years so far. The newspaper contains a lot of advertising and news and it is very useful to get to know some vocabulary and improve your English. We recommend you to buy it in the nearest newsagent but if you can’t you should visit the digital Costa Blanca News edition which receives thousands of visits every day.   (CRISTINA SANJUAN – DIANA GRANELL)

Costa Blanca Leader


The Costa Blanca Leader newspaper is a digital daily that offers information in English such as news, sports and advertising of the Costa Blanca (Costa Cálida and Almería, too). It belongs to The Leader Media Group S.L. The Costa Blanca Leader Newspaper was established in March 2004.

In the home page, we can see a big amount of information together. It could be a bit crammed at first sight, but you can find immediately all the sections of the site on the left of the front page. Also here, we can find advertising of English companies located in Costa Blanca, like real states, beauty centres, rent-a-car services, restaurants, hotels… Moreover, you can find a summing up of the most important headlines and events of the week.

The information is classified in different sections. The most useful for the English students could be the news and sports pages. In the news, we can find information about events in the Costa Blanca towns. The kind of these news is general information. Besides, it includes some obituaries of influencing people of the foreign community in Alicante.  There are sections related to culture, charities, health, beauty and travel.

Furthermore, there is an onlooker page, the letters. Inside, the users can publish letters about their own stories and experiences in Costa Blanca. The fact that this daily allows the contact between foreign people who live in Costa Blanca and offers services information for this population means that this is a social media. Thus, it doesn’t include political, financial, criminal or legal information. (TERE ZARAGOZA – NAARA BALDÓ)

Another digital English daily very useful for the students could be The Round

Round Town News


Town News. It can be found online or on paper in different selling points, which you can find out on the web.

For reading the whole contents of the site, you must subscribe. Anyway, there is a great variety of news to read, from sports to classifieds. The information is local, about towns in Costa Blanca. There are news items about the people worries, like the drought, the economy, the environment or the Council decisions. And you can get to know cultural and social events which attract the community attention. So, we guess this newspaper is a social media, too.

The Round Town News is a good source to learn English because it shows you a big archive to consult about last news. Furthermore, there are very useful features, which you can improve your vocabulary and grammar with.

The subscribed users can receive a daily newsletter in their email with the most important news and events.

This newspaper has been an information reference among foreign people on the Costa Blanca for a long time. (TERE ZARAGOZA – NAARA BALDÓ)

Mellow Magazine


Mellow Magazine is a monthly, and what’s more, free magazine, that informs not only about the Costa Blanca but also about some other inland important places. Even though its webpage seems a bit boring at the beginning, once you explore all the tabs you
find out that it can be quite useful. You can read the news, add your classified ad and see others to search all kind of things, from bars and restaurants to property rentals, maps or a phone number list. The magazine contains some funny jokes, quizzes and teaches Spanish as well. There is also a schedule with the events for someone in need of a bit of fun, not that hard to find in our country, and facilities to travel or the direction and phone number of any place you are looking for. The most surprising of all is that, despite being a guide, an informative magazine for people travelling to Spain, being on
holiday or even for residents, they are concerned about our heart, so they have a love chat too for lonely souls looking for their other half in sunny Spain. Finally, the incredible pictures show the best areas of the coast towns and other inland places, that invite everyone to come for a visit. (CAROLINA CÁMARA)

Ideal Spain


The first thing that strikes your attention when you visit Ideal Spain is the female flamenco dancer, a symbol of what unfortunately Spain means to many UK residents in this country. Mostly oriented to buying properties all over the main coastal areas, it contains loads of information about both properties and financial matters. Although it may seem worthless reading, we would still recommend the paragraphs regarding cultural matters such as school, healthcare or working conditions in Spain. There is plenty of detailed advice and information about things that you hadn’t ever imagined such as regulation for the entry of pets in Spain or the idea that ‘’stray cats and dogs roam all over Spain” (CAROLINA CÁMARA – LOLA ALEMANY)

The number of publications can be extended to others such as Female Focus, www.female-focus.com, the first magazine on the Costa Blanca for women “also widely read by men” that offers the possibility of being sent to you on-line for free, Spain Expats www.spainexpat.com, an information site addressed to expats who are moving to Spain or already living here which offers information such as a confronting “la crisis” section or Typically Spanish, www.typicallyspanish.com, national coverage containing features about education, politics, arts & humanities and many more interesting topics and which you would probably like to browse.

As you can see, the English websites offering news about Spain and specifically the Costa Blanca are numerous, varied and rich in contents. The use of the Internet has made it possible to bring us nearer the English speaking community language and ideas about our country, something impossible to picture ten years ago. Enjoy these websites and open your eyes to new ones. It’s all that we can recommend you!

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