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“When a man (or a woman) is tired of London …”

Antonio Ortiz
Profesor de Inglés – EOI ALICANTE

Una rápida mirada a la ciudad de Londres con consejos tanto para los que la visitan por primera vez, como para aquellos que ya la hayan visitado anteriormente. Londres ofrece de todo para todo tipo de personas y todo tipo de intereses. El autor sólo pretende llamar la atención sobre algunos de los lugares más sugerentes.

“When a man (or a woman) is tired of London …

… he’s (she’s) tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford” (Samuel Johnson; 1709-1784). Do you agree? Well, this is a bit too much, I reckon, but I think that what is meant by that is that London is a very, very interesting and exciting city, full of life, history, entertainment and with a wide range of places of interest worth visiting, not just the must-visit museum or sightseeing tour of Buckingham Palace or the shopping spree in Oxford Street department stores.

Indeed, London is very exciting. One of the most interesting features of this city is that it has such a cosmopolitan atmosphere. In it there are people from all over the world …. and from many different walks of life. If you ever walk around central London you will hear the most diverse people speaking many different tongues: from Chinese to Italian, from Hindi to Japanese, from Arabic to Spanish, and -believe it or not- even English.

When you first visit London, you will certainly go to Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square (say hello to Nelson from me), and probably Hyde Park, Madame Tussaud’s Museum (the wax museum), and Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben (the tower clock), and perhaps the British Museum in Russell Square. But if you have already visited these places and you want to know more, let me advise you to go to the Science Museum, the National Gallery of Art (if you like paintings) and the Natural History Museum (a division of the British).

Also, you should visit the open-air flea markets, like Portobello Market (for antiques mostly), and Candem Town. And last, but not least, let me recommend to visit yet another place: Holland Park. This park is not very big, but it is cosy and well worth visiting, although foreign visitors tend to ignore it.

But the best show in London is definitely its streets, with their cosmopolitan and picturesque atmosphere, and of course, the tube (the London Underground) where you will come across large crowds of people from all over the world. Finally, a last tip: do not leave your umbrella at home! And that’s all folks.

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