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A Model European Parliament session

Cristina Sánchez Baeza – Alumna de Inglés NB2

Last month I took part in a Model European Parliament session (MEP). It was held at the Regional Assembly in Valencia.

Everything began a day I was in my Economics class and the teacher explained to us an offer of a contest to participate in it. To do the work you had to choose one out of four options and I chose “European Union Trade Politics and Development”.

We spent two days with a group of young people talking, discussing, proposing and debating different topics. On the third day, we spoke in public about our resolutions and then it was the time to debate our work with the other three groups. They could disagree and even amend the resolution, sometimes with a speech against it.

European Parliament Session

It’s the most interesting educational experience I’ve ever lived!

It was just three days but I could meet lots of people that now share the same spirit as mine, the same wish of a world where we are equals.

Now we still have the possibility of going to Madrid for the following session and the most privileged people will be chosen internationally. It is celebrated in a European city and it is very difficult bearing in mind that it is celebrated in English.

It was incredible when we did our performance in the court of the European Parliament; then, you can feel important because you feel that the people respect you, they listen to you and they value your ideas. You always watch this on television without scarcely understanding it.

The teachers were very helpful and the chairwoman of the session mentioned in her speech that we must call them “educators” because they enjoy seeing their students to learn.

Model European Parliament

Model European Parliament

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